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Obligatory ‘lasts’ of the year

Every once in awhile, I find it strange that we (as humans) put so much stock in arbitrary dates.  Anyone remember the whole Y2k nightmare but me?  Kinda makes me wonder what people are gonna be doing around this time next year.  I’m sure many will have an over abundance of bottled water and freeze dried food as they prepare for yet another ‘end of the world’ scenario.  Me? I hope I’m doing pretty much what I’ll be doing today – spending a quiet evening with good friends.

The 'last' sunrise of 2011.

I’ve outgrown all those desires that make us seek out the youthful camaraderie of overcrowded bars.  If I’m not playing in the band, I’m not as interested in bars at all.  I gave up bars when I quit smoking years ago, terrified that I wouldn’t be able to stand ripping one out of someone’s mouth and puffing away.  Of course, I guess now I could go now and again since they’ve outlawed smoking in bars (at least where I live).

I also have no desire to attend my city’s New Year’s Eve bash, even though we generally have a nice one.  It’s too cold for one thing, even in the desert that I call home.  And frankly?  I like my home, my husband and my dogs more than I do all the drunk citizens of the world.

For the last few years or so, we went to our friend’s house to spend New Year’s.  But they have kidlets.  Adorable as they are, we have to be quiet because the kids are asleep.  If I’m quiet while waiting for midnight to arrive, I’ll probably (and have) fall asleep.

The 'last' breakfast of the year.

So, tonight, we’ve convinced our good friends to pawn their lovely children on his parents.  They’re coming over here for appetizers, champagne and Harry Potter.  That’s right.  We’re all full grown adults in our late thirties and we’re gonna watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tonight.  Got something to say about that?  No?  You sure?  Okay.

Today before they arrive I have some tasks to complete, among them vacuuming (already done), a load or two of laundry, and a cheesecake to bake.  It’s my first cheesecake and I’m sure I’ll get the dreaded crack down the middle.  I’ve done a bit of research, but don’t have any aluminum foil on hand (!!), so a water bath is out of the question.  But it’s okay, on my first go around I think it’s acceptable to not be perfect.

What are we doing tomorrow?  Aside from my annual ritual of taking down the Yule tree, I’ve got nothing planned.  And you know what?  I kind of like that.